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United Airlines in CLT update

OK, United (UA) has now made what should be their more-or-less final schedule adjustments for June. United proper last served Charlotte in February and it looks like they won’t be coming back this summer. A comparison to June 2014 shows the same total number of United and United-brand regional jet flights (21) from CLT, but with some significant differences in service levels to certain markets. By flights from CLT to the various UA hubs:

Chicago O’Hare (ORD):

June 2014: 1 United mainline, 3 large regional jets, 1 50-seater

June 2015: 3 large regional jets, 3 50-seater regional jets

Houston Intercontinental (IAH):

June 2014: 6 50-seaters

June 2015: 4 50-seaters

Newark (EWR):

June 2014: 6 50-seaters

June 2015: 3 large regional jets, 4 50-seaters

Washington Dulles (IAD):

June 2014: 3 large regional jets, 1 50-seater

June 2015: 2 large regional jets, 2 50-seaters

So a major capacity cut — 2 flights, a third of capacity — to Houston. United adds a flight to ORD, but that only partially offsets the loss of mainline service (a 150-seat Airbus A320). Dulles service is basically sideways while Newark sees a major increase in capacity, with an additional flight plus three flight going to larger jets with more seats including a first-class section.

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It’s that day of the year again

The Washington Post offers an update on this year’s crop of April’s Fool day pranks. Highlights: The Ikea KÄT sofa, Uber for Tinder/Tinder for Uber, Google Panda, and, yes, the so-called “selfie shoe.” Enjoy.

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Lance Stephenson sits

Why is it so hard to love the Charlotte Bobcats Hornets? General incompetence has a lot to do with it. Like, well, this, as described by the UPoR’s Scott Fowler:

This is how messed up the Charlotte Hornets are.

Injuries have knocked out two of their starters and forced a third (Al Jefferson) to basically play on one leg. They are a few days from falling out of the playoff race entirely. They had a huge game looming Monday night against Boston.

And Lance Stephenson – the player the Hornets gave a three-year, $27.4 million contract to this past offseason to be a difference-maker – was healthy but did not play for one second.


American Airlines 787 delivery delays

As Bloomberg reports, two brand new Boeing 787s for the airline will soon be sitting in storage in the desert for the airline until seats become available.

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N.C. Commerce Secretary John Skvarla makes the case against film incentives

In the Charlotte Business Journal. Sample quote:


“Unlike the JDIG program, the film incentive program does not return dollars to the state,” he says. “What we’re trying desperately to do is to develop a marketing model … that, number one, captures all of the revenue.”

He says the goal is to “sweep the corners clean,” and says even Hollywood is mystified at how Georgia can justify its large-scale tax incentives. He says he’s had conversations with Hollywood execs, “and they acknowledge they can’t figure out how the states return to the treasury anything from the grants.”

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Time Warner Cable going all digital

From the Raleigh News & Observer:

Time Warner Cable is notifying customers that they are going “all digital” and that special digital equipment will soon be required to view any channels – and with the new equipment will eventually come new charges.

Customers who have the “Starter TV” package (an inexpensive plan that provides network channels like ABC, NBC, CBS and PBS, plus a handful of cable channels, like CSPAN and TBS) or any customers plugging a cable directly into a TV, VCR or DVD recorder (Preferred customers with “extra” or “secondary” TVs receiving cable directly) will be affected.

There may be other effects as well if you have an unusual television viewing setup. The move to all digital happens May 5 in Raleigh with customers just getting a letter about the change this week. Expect the switch to happen sooner rather than later here in Charlotte as well.

Panthers sign Jonathan Martin

Dave Gettleman’s latest bargain-bin signing is another offensive tackle with a recognizable name. And, as Gary Davenport writes for Bleacher Report, another OT that was mediocre at best last year:

Yes, the circumstances surrounding the first two years of Martin’s career were hardly ideal, and that can’t make it easy for a young player to acclimate to the NFL.

However, Martin wasn’t in Miami last year. He was among arguably the most veteran, professional O-line in the NFL, playing under the coach for whom Martin had the best years of his playing career.

And he was still a turnstile.

Maybe it’s time that turnstile just stopped spinning. And maybe it’s time we just came to grips with a rather depressing realization.

For all his collegiate accolades, and all his promise, when it comes to protecting an NFL quarterback—Jonathan Martin just isn’t very good.

Maybe Martin figures things out this year. Maybe not. It’s a reasonable enough signing by Gettlemen but at the same time, this doesn’t make me feel much better about the Panthers’ prospects for 2015.

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Charlotte and the property tax rereassessment

From the Charlotte Observer, explaining why the city is suddenly surprised that property tax base is taking a significant hit:

Mecklenburg County Tax Assessor Ken Joyner told a Charlotte City Council committee that Pearson [Appraisal Services] had first examined property that appeared least problematic. Because the early properties examined didn’t change much in value, Pearson had estimated the total drop in taxable value would be about 1/2 percent.

When the revaluation was finished, there was a 2.2 percent drop in taxable value – a dip that has played havoc with the city’s budget.

The reason, Joyner said, is that Pearson waited until the end of the project to review commercial property that was expected to have large swings in value.

“The most difficult (properties) were still to come,” Joyner said.

 Cute. Not so sure Joyner isn’t playing the pass the blame game here. As county tax assessor, he should have had a very good idea of what Pearson was doing, and certainly what properties had been reviewed. That there was risk with the commercial properties at the end should have been obvious to him, and something that he should have communicated much earlier to the city and county.

Meanwhile up at Exit 28 in Corntown

Essentially this:


You can read the Charlotte Observer’s story here about the disappointment associated with the mast and cable public art display over Interstate 77 that were suppose brand Cornelius as the gateway to Lake Norman.


Davidson and the NCAA tournament

The NCAA mens  basketball tournament starts in earnest today. A quick word of advice for Davidson College, and other mid-major teams: Up your game. By that I mean, it’s pretty clear that the selection committee rewards teams that play a tough out-of-conference schedule. Teams that don’t — and that certainly includes Davidson, whose best out-of-coference win came against Montana (RPI rank: 133)  — get punished by either not making the tournament (Colorado State, Temple) or lower seatings than their statistical rankings suggest is warranted (Davidson, Dayton, Wichita State, Northern Iowa, etc.). So yes Davidson, your chances of making the tournament in future years would be enhance it you played more decent teams in November and December.

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