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BOCC At-Large Candidate Survey Response: Pendergraph

1) Do you believe that Mecklenburg County’s per capita tax burden of about $2687 to be too high, too low, or about right? I believe the per capita tax burden is excessive. We should work diligently as elected officials to reduce that number. It makes it extremely difficult for those on fixed incomes and retirees trying to enjoy what that worked for all their lives.

2) Do you support or oppose the immigration legislation recently enacted by the state of Arizona? It should be no shock to anyone that I absolutely agree with the recent immigration legislation passed in Arizona. So do most Arizona, North Carolina and U.S. citizens. As a matter of fact, I wrote the Arizona governor a letter praising her actions. Why should any state have to pass any legislation in order to enforce legislation already on the books? The answer is that there is no will to enforce our federal immigration laws in Washington. How is it we can send a crew to the moon in 1969 and return them to Earth without a scratch and we can’t secure our borders on 2010? Same answer, there is no will to secure our borders in Washington.

3) Do you support or oppose exploring the consolidation of city and county services using a purchased services contracting model? I support consolidation of any city/county functions that make government more cost effective and efficient.

Jim Pendergraph

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