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BOCC At-Large Candidate Survey Response: Jeter

1) Do you believe that Mecklenburg County’s per capita tax burden of about $2687 to be too high, too low, or about right? I believe it to be too high. As a small business owner, I believe job creation and economic growth comes from people and businesses keeping more of their hard-earned money in their pockets and giving less to government via taxation. With lower corporate taxes, property taxes and fees, two things happen. First, businesses will usually reinvest in their company in order to grow which normally means new jobs and an investment in goods and services in the community. Secondly, individuals with more disposable income and are free to spend their own money in the community marketplace, which in turn allows for a growing and healthy economy. Additionally, I believe there is a great deal of duplication of services and departments at the County level and needs to be eliminated.

2) Do you support or oppose the immigration legislation recently enacted by the state of Arizona? I wholeheartedly support this new law. Keep in mind that the new Arizona law is in effect the same language as current federal law. This new State law just enables Arizona to enforce immigration law that our federal government chooses not to. We must protect our borders and we must work to eliminate illegal immigration. If the federal government won’t do it, then the States have to.

3) Do you support or oppose exploring the consolidation of city and county services using a purchased services contracting model? I am in favor of exploring any and every option that will reduce expenses and therefore the tax burden on our residents. As I mentioned above, I believe there to be a great deal of duplicate services in Mecklenburg County with the county government and the seven municipalities. We have to eliminate duplicate government services within our community and ensure that all government functions are limited to those that are required of it, nothing more.


Charles Jeter

Huntersville Town Commissioner

Candidate, Mecklenburg County Commissioner (At-Large)

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February 2016
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