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Let’s Play Name that Boondoggle!

The Charlotte Area Transit System may toss out a name for its long-sought light rail component any minute now, but where’s the fun in that? Besides, burdened as they are by money troubles and pressing questions like how in the world to run a train through the middle of the Uptown convention center without killing anyone (it does help that the building is usually empty) it just is not fair to expect a creative name from the CATS brain-trust.

That’s where you come in.

Houston has the Wham-Bam-Tram, Cleveland has Tober’s Trolley (named for CATS’ own Ron Tober, the former Cleveland transit honcho), and Seattle plans a $2.1 billion monorail that looks like it came straight from an episode of The Simpsons. A world-class city like Charlotte deserves a world-class name for its $450 million choo-choo train. We think Meck Deck readers will be up to the challenge.

Send in your ideas for a name for Charlotte’s light rail adventure and in a couple weeks we’ll announce a scientifically selected winner based wholly on our subjective sensibilities. The winner will receive a City Fair sweatshirt, or possibly tickets to an upcoming Locke Foundation event in Charlotte, depending on if the stain comes out.

Truly a game the whole family can play. Void where prohibited.

4 Responses to “Let’s Play Name that Boondoggle!”

  • Sep

    I am, of course, ineligible to win the valuable prizes to be awarded here, but in the interest of getting things going I offer the following nominations:

    The Mecklenburg Railway Museum
    The Infamy Express
    Charlotte’s Ebb

  • Sep

    I’ll offer only ONE of my priceless thoughts: the Charlotte Cipher……………………

    ……….cuz it is a mystery why we are building it! (ba dump dump!)

    Thanks, I’ll be here all week. Try the fish!

  • Sep

    Keith Larson, WBT talk show host, has labeled the boongoggle the McCrory Line for so long, I believe it has stuck. Since McCrory has been Head-cheerleader, I think he deserves all credit or BLAME!!
    In the poll, that Tara Servatius reported 58% of Democrat VOTERS, and 82% of Republican VOTERS have “soured” on the boondoggle!!
    Of course, Mayor Pat, will not believe those poll numbers, or ignore them like he did on the arena “deal”. However, I’m sure the Democrats will use that poll, and it will benefit all taxpayers, as well as voters.

  • Sep

    […] Everything that Bryant could possibly get wrong, she did, starting with the wild notion that because Charlotte is not now drop-dead certain to meet the EPA’s arbitrary 2010 ozone limits the city should run around in circles with its hair on fire and mull crazy ideas like closing drive-thru windows on hot, muggy days. Or build a fantastically expensive nine-mile light rail segment. Neither moves the air quality needle one bit. […]

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