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Beason on Vick and Wofford

Hmmm, wonder if there will be any of that infamous Panthers management blow-back as result of these blog comments from Jon Beason?

Beason complains about the Wofford training camp site, even if ultimately agreeing it helps focus on football. “If the whole league did what we do, no one would complain,” he says.

Then we get Beason’s views on Michael Vick, who has been a hot topic around many of the NFL teams this summer. “Unfortunately, even if a guy has paid his dues and gone through the justice system, society still holds their mistake over their head. They never really get away from it. I think Mike is like any guy who gets out of jail and no one wants to hire him even though he’s paid his debt to society. Hopefully someone will go out on a limb and pick him up,” Beason said.

Sounds like Beason, like several other players around the League, is really not a fan of the NFL’s proposed four-game suspension of Vick should he ink with a team this year.

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    Blow-back? Hell – at 10:39 PM Sunday won’t even resolve to an IP address.

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