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NASCAR: How Many Drivers Have ADD?

Can’t blame them. I know my mind would wonder after the first, oh, 50 miles of turning left. But seriously folks, this Jeremy Mayfield thing is not going to end well.

Mayfield has Bill Diehl crawling all up in NASCAR after NASCAR suspended Mayfield for violating its cryptic substance abuse policy. Mayfield is claiming all manner of wrong-doing but lets stick to the known, undisputed facts.

  • Mayfield was prescribed Adderall to treat his attention deficit disorder.
  • Adderall is an amphetamine.
  • Adderall can be both abused and overprescribed.
  • Amphetmine is a performance enhancing drug for race car drivers.

Now to the disputed. Mayfield’s attorneys say NASCAR told the driver he was being suspended for testing positive for amphetamines. NASCAR’s attorney on Friday said, “This case is not about amphetamines.” Two points then.

One, we still do not know what it was Mayfield tested positive for, although NASCAR is strongly hinting it is an illegal drug. This odd omission pales next to this point, however. NASCAR just told the world that drivers can take speed just as long as they have a prescription for speed. You could not make that up in your wildest hatred of the France family and the turn-left mafia. Forget baseball and steroids, that is just simple fraud. Speed and 200-mph billboards, that’s reckless endangerment.

Which gets us back to the question at hand: How many NASCAR drivers have been diagnosed with ADD and are racing while on Adderall?

3 Responses to “NASCAR: How Many Drivers Have ADD?”

  • May

    I hope the “dangerous” illegal drug is pot. If it is pot, NASCAR will tick off 40 to 60% of their ticket buying fans.

  • May

    See, Rob I think NASCAR stepped in it big time.

    I think the lab THOUGHT they got Mayfield for meth — but did not account for the Adderall and Claritin-D. Now I think they are trying to backpedal.

  • Jun

    […] NASCAR has counter-sued suspended driver Jeremy Mayfield. The body cannot let stand the revelation that it allowed Mayfield to race hopped up on […]

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