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Let’s Not Have School Next MemDay, Mmm-Kay?

WBTV notes that student and teacher absences sky-rocketed yesterday, Memorial Day. The details:

According to a CMS spokesperson, 39,396 students were absent and most of them were unexcused absences.

There were only 8,897 absences on Monday, May 11 and 5,059 absences on Monday, May 18.

Teacher absences were up about 20 percent from the week before — and nearly double the Monday two weeks earlier.

Officials said 872 teachers were absent Monday. That is up from Monday, May 18 when there were 709 teacher absences and up dramatically from Monday, May 11 when there were 532 teacher absences.

You could see this one coming a mile away.

4 Responses to “Let’s Not Have School Next MemDay, Mmm-Kay?”

  • May

    Not only were students expected to be in school on Memorial Day, as a snow make-up day, but they also had to be in school on President’s Day, as yet another snow make-up day. The question I have is this: If it had snowed before Martin Luther King Day, would MLK Day have been used as a snow make-up day? Answer: No, of course not. And if it was, by some miracle, it’s a foregone conclusion that absenteeism that day would have been huge.

    New rule for CMS: National holidays are not to be used as snow make-up days. If you have to extend the school year by tacking on days at the end, you do that. But no more spitting on Presidents Washington and Lincoln or on our dead soldiers by voiding out the holidays established in their honor.

  • May

    I agree. Most state employees are not allowed to work on legal holidays but if required, are paid time and a half. Educators fall under a different policy. While I was researching the issue yesterday (after school) I discovered that the state gives individual counties a lot of flexibility in scheduling make up days. They CAN get waivers to extend the year if required. Two things that they can’t do, as spelled out in the the law, is have school on a Sunday or VETERANS DAY!

    If they include Veterans Day why not the other federal holidays? DUH! What are the chances of having a snow day before Veterans Day?

    In Union County we had school on the Friday at the end of spring break. Now, that was a brilliant idea.

  • May

    Is this the idiocy I am about to subject my rising Kinder-kid to in a few short months? I’m surprised that many showed up.

  • May

    Toms, try homeschooling.

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