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Open Letter to Rob Bryan

vvDear Rob:

As if you don’t have enough to do as chairman of the Mecklenburg County Republican Party, allow me to bring up something I surmise you’ve heard a lot about lately: Your presumed mayoral candidate for the fall thinks Charlotte is undertaxed. Do you agree with that position?

John Lassiter is a smart guy, so I can only assume he has been in the Uptown bubble a little too long. He lost, perhaps only temporarily, perspective on what makes Charlotte such a great place to live, and that is its affordability twinned with an outstanding quality of life. But not for long. Not if we keep finding excuses to raise taxes.

More narrowly, you also have a political problem in that unless John reverses course on taxes, it becomes very hard for him to draw a distinction between himself and Anthony Foxx, a very able candidate running in a Democrat majority city. The outlines of this issue suggested itself to me way back in March, but now there is no avoiding it.

There you have it, nothing earth shattering or you haven’t heard before. But I figure it is my job to sometimes state the obvious around here.

Thanks for listening.

Jeff A. Taylor
Charlotte, NC

3 Responses to “Open Letter to Rob Bryan”

  • May

    A prominent Meck GOP’er told me that Lassiter thinks that he can – make sure you’re sitting down for this one – win a lot of the Eastside and black vote.

    Me, I think he gets fewer votes than Madans.

  • May

    Well, obviously. He plans on telling them he’ll give them a $500m. streetcar. Presto, instant votes.

  • May

    […] GOP chairman Rob Bryan meet with city councilman and mayoral candidate John Lassiter. The topic, the need for Lassiter to draw distinctions between himself and fellow councilman Anthony Foxx, the […]

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