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How debates matter

Political consultant Doug Raymond on Wednesday night’s debate between Thom Tillis and Kay Hagan:

From a political standpoint, both campaigns understood that these type of debates don’t attract the average voter. The vast majority of people who watched this debate are politically astute and have made their decision about this race long ago. The goal of this debate was to drive home consistent messages so the media who cover the debate have little choice but to use these carefully crafted sound bites. Votes aren’t often won or lost by those who viewed the debate, but instead by those who read or watch sound bites from the debate the following day.

3 Responses to “How debates matter”

  • Sep

    yeah, but who “Won” the debate? I’m biased and noticed Sen. Hagan’s lousy segues to flailing proclamations sounding like too many revisits to the same old joke – ala: “He just takes tips!” (Frankin)

    Glad Tillis showed up and explained republican dogma without appearing sociopathic (like many other GOPers), and I’m diggin his happenin commercials for upbeat messaging and use of color for its stark contrast to Hagan’s b&w doomsday image ads (She seems so “Last election” you’d think she’d be covered in toner by now. Note to ad-men, “covered in toner” is worse than coal ash… if the point ever comes up…)

    So, it seems Tillis owns the high road right now as Hagan’s stuck in tension city.

    By the bye, casual readers should realize that voting’s for nobody’s, while those who matter – cut checks. Checks from those who really matter have already cleared the bank, but there’s a short time left to be something more than just another ding-dong watching TV ads and voting. My motto: if you don’t think you have money now, don’t whine about it later.

    After note: Sklyer – neat point, it didn’t hit me right away, but I had sensed the questions were queerly phrased at times.

  • Sep

    Why do they agree to let Democrats host the Debates? I notice so many questions were served up in a manner to get Hagan to shine and she still resorted to tired soundbites. I’d like to see Lincoln Douglas style debates myself. I imagine Lincoln would have lost his butt with a Democrat Moderator.

  • Sep

    Debates don’t matter if they don’t feature all candidates.

    This charade was a paid political announcement on behalf of war, deficits, and the NSA.

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