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More colleges selling beer at football games

So reports ESPN. What’s behind this? Money, of course, both directly from the beer sales but also from attracting more people to games from the enhanced “fan experience.”

Using an oft-repeated sports marketing catchphrase, Akron athletic director Tom Wistrcill said offering beer is a way to “enhance the fan experience.”

“You do it because, yeah, we want to make some money on it,” Wistrcill said. “But in this day and age, we’re going to fight the 60-inch high-def TV since every game is available on an ESPN broadcast or on the high-quality Internet. How do we keep people coming to the stadium for the in-stadium experience?”

3 Responses to “More colleges selling beer at football games”

  • Aug

    I don’t understand the reasoning behind the original prohibition in the first place. If you refuse to allow alcohol sales at games, patrons are just going to get trashed in the parking lot BEFORE the game — resulting in a drunker-than-expected crowd — and there’s going to be a lot of alcohol smuggled in to the venue. If the concern is drunk drivers, then logically every sporting event should be surrounded by police checkpoints on the way out.

    Just sell beer at the games already and get it over with — but make it VERY clear to everyone that drunk driving will NOT be tolerated and will be punished HARSHLY.

  • Aug

    getting alcohol drinkers to act responsibly seems awfully counter-intuitive, if not mutually exclusive concepts.

  • Aug

    You haven’t lived until you have sat in the Visitor seats at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge during a rivalry game like Ole Miss at night. You’re on the lower deck endzone and the LSU cheap seats are in the upper deck above you and you dodge adult beverage bottles and other less savory things all night. The crowd has been very liquoured up all afternoon in the parking lot and will make their way to the French Quarter in New Orleans when the game ends so you are dodging them all on I-10

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