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A word about the lottery

As the Associated Press reports, people in their 20s and 30s aren’t that into state lotteries. Among the problems:

“You’re talking about a generation of pack animals,” [Don Feeney, research and planning director of Minnesota’s lottery] said. “They were looking for games that they can play with their friends and by and large that’s not the lottery or the way the lottery is being portrayed.”

Correct. And part of the problem is the continued popularity of poker, which typically involves hanging out with your friends.

One Response to “A word about the lottery”

  • Aug

    Drug dealers go to jail and cigarette companies have lawsuits filed against them for trying to market to a new, younger generation of addicts, yet the lottery gets an article in the AP. And how exactly is the pull quote above “correct,” Mr. Lowrey? So those of us in our 20’s and 30’s are all of sudden more of a social group than any other generation in human history? Or, is it that maybe we’re not as susceptible as our elders to wasting money on the ridiculous odds of the lottery?

    Shame on every Republican member of the House who wants to increase revenue from the state lottery for political gains rather than simply fighting for its elimination.

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