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North Carolina’s very good at gerrymandering

So says the Washington Post, which uses a statistical method to assess you gerrymandered congressional districts are — think how close (or not) to round each district is. So what’s the most gerrymandered district? Yup, North Carolina’s 12 District though two other N.C. districts also rank in the top ten. And there’s no getting around, as the Post says, that this is a pretty funk-looking district:


Bonus thought: The Post also argues that gerrymandering doesn’t cause political polarization, as congressmen are about as extreme either way whether they win 51 percent of the vote or 80 percent of the vote in the general election:

In sum, Democrats and Republicans are just polarized, no matter whether their district is red, blue or purple. It’s hard to imagine that creating more competitive districts will mitigate polarization. Members in purple districts are pretty polarized, too.


2 Responses to “North Carolina’s very good at gerrymandering”

  • May

    The 12th used to go all the way to Durham along I-85, if I remember correctly.

    As a resident of the 12th in Charlotte, I just love that I am a victim of race-based gerrymandering. Vince Coakley, who happens to be black, is the GOP nominee for the 12th this coming election — now we get to see if Democrat voters in the 12th are racist or just stupid if they don’t even consider voting for him.

  • May

    I lived in a precinct near the 12th when Kissell faced the Big Guy in the General election in 2010. We had over 100 people from the 12th come over and try to vote provisionally. The next election we’d been gerrymandered into the 12th and had maybe 5 people try to cast a provisional ballot and that was a presidential election.

    I cannot be convinced that had Johnson won by 50-100 votes that the Democrats would not have tried to count those provisional ballots cast for Kissell from voters in Mel Watts safe 12th district as every voter must be heard.

    I notice that the times is trying to hint to the low information voter that the GOP controlled#NCGA did the Gerrymandering to cheat and win. Most of the Gerrymandering was done when the Democrats controlled the Legislature and Governor’s office.

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