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Election results and analysis

[Updated] The expected, unexpected, and the just plain sad. Lots of the sad, really.

• Thom Tillis won the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate. So yes, money and perceived electability matter.

• Greg Brannon, who is from Cary, got more votes in Mecklenburg County than Mark Harris, who’s from Charlotte. So presumably, there are more tea party types than religious conservatives in these parts.

• Alma Adams won outright the Democratic nomination for the 12th Congressional District with 44 percent of the vote. The Hat Lady was the obvious frontrunner but her getting over the 40 percent threshold wasn’t expected. This district was suppose to favor a candidate from Charlotte, not Greensboro. What happened is that Adams dominated in the Guilford (where she got 72 percent of votes cast) and Forsyth (68 percent of votes cast) counties and did well enough in Mecklenburg County (17 percent of votes cast). Marcus Brandon, the other Triad-area candidate, was largely a non-factor.

The various candidates from Charlotte were also non-factors and absolutely, positively did a sad job of getting out the vote here. Statewide, turnout was 15.7 percent. In the Guilford and Forsyth counties it was about 15 percent. In Mecklenburg County, turnout was a massive 9.6 percent. And that’s why Adams and Brandon combined to get a majority of the vote though a majority of voters in the district live in Mecklenburg County.

Bonus 12th Congressional District sadness: Malcolm Graham, who finished second overall to Adams, got 3.3 percent of votes cast in Guilford County.

• Ella Scarborough is back. Kim Ratliff is out. And Pat Cotham and Trevor Fuller probably will continue to provide us with amusing quotes.

• Incumbents are just hard to beat. Ask Matt Arnold, who came reasonably close to ousting Sen. Bob Rucho.

• Rep. Robert Brawley of Mooresville, R-95th state House district, though may have been ousted by John Fraley. I say “may well” as the margin is 105 votes, so a recount seems likely. If the margin stands up, Brawley would be one of four incumbents defeated in primaries, two Republicans, and two Democrats.

2 Responses to “Election results and analysis”

  • May

    You meant to say, Ella Scarborough is back which means Ratliff is not.

    Also, anyone think there’s a chance Mecklenburg Dems rally behind Vince Coakley now that Adams won outright just so they don’t lose their only elected official in Congress?

  • May

    The “electability” rhetoric is absurd.

    Mike Lee WON after a legacy Senator got kicked out by the Utah GOP.

    Ted Cruz WON after kicking a legacy Lt. Gov. to the curb in a GOP runoff.

    Rand Paul WON after kicking a former Democrat and legacy GOP pick to the curb in the GOP primary.

    Meanwhile, TEN OUT OF TWELVE of Karl Rove’s puppets LOST their Senate races in 2012.

    I’m voting for Sean Haugh.

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