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The Great Cannon Corruption Hunt, Round 2

The UPoR now turns its attention to the case of whether Patrick Cannon may have corrupted how liquor permits are handled in the county. The jumping off point is what is now the Sheraton Charlotte hotel and the question of how it got and retained its liquor license. To cut to the chase: A person associated with the hotel claimed he had connections to speed up the licensing process. And Patrick Cannon’s company runs the parking for the hotel. That matters, because the hotel changed owners and thus needed a new set alcohol permits. Is there any evidence of actual corruption? Not really. Is there any evidence that the state’s liquor laws are a complex mess? Plenty, but we already new that.

3 Responses to “The Great Cannon Corruption Hunt, Round 2”

  • Apr

    Just as with the airport taxi scheme, wherever there is government permitting and licensing, there is corruption and barrier to entry. Even the NY Times has started to come around, noting the insane licensing requirements for women who braid hair.

  • Apr

    A man I know who lives in another part of the state has been heavily involved in local civic organizations his entire adult life, including more than a few leadership positions. Your classic pillar of the community.

    A few years ago, he was appointed to his county’s ABC board and said that it was the most inefficient, wasteful organization he had ever encountered as a volunteer. Further, there was absolutely no interest in doing anything differently. He resigned a few months in.

    He didn’t see any direct indicators of corruption in his limited experience, but all of the ingredients for it are there. Combine lots of money, a legally mandated monopoly, and lax oversight and see what happens.

  • Apr

    I can’t believe they didn’t replace Cannon with another african American politician even if they demurred on naming Mitchell. I’m hearing all kinds of complaints from the community that the election of their man was ‘overturned’ and they aren’t happy. How this places out in November turnout remains to be seen.

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