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Joe Person on thw Panthers’ free agancy moves

Or lack there of. Interesting read here.

[Panthers’ GM Dave] Gettleman referred often to the “flat cap” – the incremental increases in the cap during the first two years under the new collective bargaining agreement.

What Gettleman needed – not to mention those players entering free agency – was a hog molly of a cap increase.

Well, they got one this year, a $10 million spike up to a $133 million per team. And based on how the Panthers fared during the first week of free agency, there’s some question as to whether they were prepared for it.

Certainly the Panthers don’t look they have a particularly coherent plan in free agency this year. The idea certainly hasn’t been to sign their own free agents, as more have walked than stayed. And searching the NFL player cut-out bin for bargains, which seems to be Gettleman’s MO, is a hit-or-miss proposition.

One Response to “Joe Person on thw Panthers’ free agancy moves”

  • Mar

    Seeing Cam Newton went under the knife today I’m thinking Gettleman and the Big Cat have already written 2014 off and we’re going to have another season on the cheap like John Fox’s last season. Richardson doesn’t like to spend money and since they made the playoffs last year he thinks he has some breathing room for a year or two while the Taj Mapanther is renovated at taxpayer expense.

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