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Breaking: Air Force wants to retire C-130H(!)

So reports the Fayetteville Observer:

The home of the nation’s airborne forces may lose the only Fort Bragg unit capable of hauling paratroopers long distances.

An Air Force plan divulged in budget documents released Tuesday calls for retiring the force’s aging C-130H fleet.

On Fort Bragg, 12 C-130H planes constitute the entire 440th Airlift Wing inventory.

And what other Air Force unit based in North Carolina flies the C-130H? The N.C. Air National Guard based here in Charlotte!

Will attempt to track down the Air Force’s detailed budget documents to see exactly what’s going on.

Update: Here’s an October story from the Air Force Times on the debate about the number of C-130s the Air Force needs.

4 Responses to “Breaking: Air Force wants to retire C-130H(!)”

  • Mar

    The US has a $17,000,000,000,000.00 national debt, troops in 150 countries – including “hot” action in over 75, and its military budget is larger than the next twenty nations’ military budgets combined.

    The Hagel plan doesn’t go nearly far enough towards establishing a Constitutional and affordable defense strategy. And if a few rustbuckets go to the scrapheap, oh freakin’ well. Pork is pork.

  • Mar

    ditto what cheld said.

    furthermore, framing an argument as “How much it costs” seems a doublespeak avoidance of the “How to pay less” issue.

    Note: gotta give credit to NC’s republican administration for putting the democrat “We will have to find that money” doublespeak to bed. (I cringed hearing that money was “Found” because it implied that state finances somehow got lost.)

  • Mar

    If there’s “lost” NC money, there’s a good chance that Janet Cowell lost it, and that it can be found in Erskine Bowles’s bank account.

  • Mar

    Is ersk still alive? last I’d heard he was teaming-up with black, mrs. easy-money and purdunkadunk on the “What about all the good we did” tour. Note: gotta hand it to republicans again for eliminating the “what about all the good things…” responses to “Why are you a felon/scoundrel/incompetent?” (pick one or more) questions.

    Speaking of which, while it’s illogical for an employee to distance themselves from themselves, the “if duke was your only employer for decades, you’ll think like me and call it understanding” phrasology is insulting – at least to people who aren’t prepared to understand (didn’t go to nc’s colleges and weaned…) Hope phrasology doesn’t morph towards all the good things duke’s done and ersk-esq actressing (ersk’s all sanduski for unc and the esrk-siren solution to public safety was pure ersk innovation. (I thought he was going to re-deploy abacuses and take away the math dept’s most advanced computational tools.)

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