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Pat Cotham: Starstruck and clueless

That’s pretty much the takeaway points from this UPoR story about the Cotham’s sudden interest in Olympic swimming. Yes, top U.S. swimmers train here in Charlotte. But there’s a huge jump between that and this:

Lately Mecklenburg County commissioner Pat Cotham has teased her Twitter and Facebook followers with photos of her surrounded by U.S. Olympic swimmers training in Charlotte.

With one of her postings, she remarked: “I am thinking about Olympics in Charlotte sometime.” With another, she opined: “Could we ever draw the summer Olympics to Charlotte?”

The answer to that is “almost certainly not” and if so it would cost billions of dollars. Perhaps Cotham would like to share with the citizen of Mecklenburg County how much she’d like to raise their property taxes by in pursuit of her dream though.

The immediate goal though is to build a new aquatic center. And why does Charlotte need a new aquatic center? Because Greensboro and Cary have new aquatic centers. Which kind of undercuts the think big, think Olympic line that Cotham is pushing.

One Response to “Pat Cotham: Starstruck and clueless”

  • Feb

    odd how saying google olympics would change everything as it somehow makes sense to everyone who doesn’t resent having taxes imposed so that “can’t pay for it” losers get money from NC citizens and companies that otherwise would not support mooches

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