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A tale of two local governments

Based upon UPoR headlines:

Mecklenburg County commissioners chair calls for no tax increase” — Mecklenburg County Commission is up for reelection this year, and Republicans are still a factor at-large

Sample quote: “[Mecklenburg County commissioners Chairman Trevor] Fuller based his call on better-than-expected revenues as construction continues to accelerate after the recession, with collections of property and sales taxes exceeding last year’s rate. He also said the financial hit from a legislative-required review of the 2011 revaluation has not been as severe as projected.”

Charlotte budget outlook has small tax rate hike” — Charlotte City Council is not up for election this year and in any case Republicans pretty much are irrelevant except in districts 6 and 7.

Sample quote: “The city of Charlotte tentatively plans a 1.7 percent property tax rate increase for the coming year to make up for money lost because of Mecklenburg County’s continued revisions to its flawed 2011 property revaluation. As property owners have successfully appealed tax values to their homes and businesses, the amount of revenue to local governments is dropping slightly. The city expects it may need to make up $4.8 million because of lower property values.”

One Response to “A tale of two local governments”

  • Feb

    12 million for a streetcar and a tale of woe about covering 4.8 million the next day. They’ve known the property tax increase was f’d for a couple of years. They couldn’t plan any better?

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