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Charlotte won’t bid on the RNC

The first two sentences of UPoR’s story on the decision not to bid sum the situation up nicely:

A month before bids are due, the city of Charlotte announced Friday it will not try to land the 2016 Republican National Convention.

The city was considered a successful host of the 2012 Democratic National Convention, which was estimated to generate an economic impact of roughly $164 million for the region.

There are only two ways to interpret this:

1. Given the simply incredibly massive economic impact, the decision amounts to a complete and utter act of surrender by Mayor Patrick Cannon and Gov. Pat McCrory. Where these gentlemen true leaders, they would have found a way for the city and state to put a credible bid together.

2. In the alternative, not bidding is no big deal because those simply incredibly massive economic impact numbers are basically just made up, and the real-world impact of holding a major political convention is rather minimal, though the usual power brokers get their egos stroked.

I know which way I lean on this…

One Response to “Charlotte won’t bid on the RNC”

  • Jan

    They haven’t been repaid for the last one yet plus Patrick Cannon has zero chance of getting a job in Washington if the Republican wins(unless it’s Pat McCrory *shudder*).

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