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Meanwhile in Cleveland…

Rob Chudzinski, former Panthers’ offensive coordinator, was fired after a single season as the Cleveland Brown’s head coach. That’s an awfully short rope, even by NF?L standards. But then the Cleveland Browns are an awfully messed up organization. As ESPN’s Pat McManamon writes:

The Cleveland Browns just blamed the band for the fact that the Titanic sank.

That’s the message from management: We’ll drive this ship into an iceberg or two, and we’ll leave you without lifeboats, but by golly, if you don’t keep the inevitable from happening, we’ll hold our breath and stomp our feet and then we’ll … we’ll … we’ll fire you.

All the best, Rob Chudzinski: the fans hardly knew ya as a head coach. And good luck to whoever is next, because you’re walking into a losing environment and losing culture, and you won’t have a say in how things go.

That’s where the Browns are right now.

One Response to “Meanwhile in Cleveland…”

  • Jan

    The Giants should go after Chud as their new OC.

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