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And then there were 11…

… people known to be interested in running for the congressional seat currently held by Mel Watt. The list, per the Associated Press and Winston-Salem Journal:

• Rep. Alma Adams of Greensboro
• George Battle, the attorney for the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
• Rep. Marcus Brandon of High Point
• Harold Cogdell, a former Mecklenburg County commissioner
• Sen. Malcolm Graham of Charlotte
• Rep. Ed Hanes of Winston-Salem
• Torre Jessup of Huntersville, a Watt staff member
• James “Smuggie” Mitchell, a former member of the Charlotte City Council
• Rep. Rodney Moore of Charlotte
• Curtis Osborne, a Charlotte lawyer
• Avery Staley of Charlotte.

Also, we can expect a special election for the seat, making it safer for members of the General Assembly to run.

A prediction? Sure. A runoff. And whoever raises the most money will have an advantage, as name recognition will be an issue.

2 Responses to “And then there were 11…”

  • Dec

    Which two will the media anoint as their horse-race participants, to the exclusion of all others?

  • Dec

    Some conservative white Democrat should run. With the black vote split they would be a shoe in for the runoff. They could then do like Watt supporters do when he was unopposed in the general election and get voters from bordering Districts to come in and cast provisional ballots for them. In my precinct bordering Watt’s spaghetti line voters from the Watt precinct half a mile away would come in and try to vote for Kissel over Howard Johnson. 10% of the ballots that year were provisional and you know if the race had been closer and there had been a recount all those votes by people from Watt’s district would have been allowed to count.

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