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Cotham gets canned as BOCC chair

Speaking of dysfunctional, there’s always the Mecklenburg County Commission, which voted to replace Pat Cotham with Trevor Fuller as chair yesterday. The move apparently comes in part in response to Cotham’s support for firing County Manager Harry Jones. The UPOR’S coverage of the topic is here.

Analysis: Any time all three at-large commissioners on the nine member board are brand new, there’s a high potential for fireworks, but with some of the personalities currently on county commission, there’s always the potential for fireworks. Not sure Cotham losing the chairmanship does anything to reduce the potential for more memorable moments going forward. We’ll find out soon enough with the selection of Jones’ replacement as county manager due soon.

And then we have this quote from the new chair:

“It is imperative that we huddle together and chart a new way forward,” Fuller said. “… There is an expectation across North Carolina that Mecklenburg County is going to lead the way. We need to reclaim that place, because there is a sense across the state that we have faltered.”


2 Responses to “Cotham gets canned as BOCC chair”

  • Dec

    I about choked when I read that the BOCC chair apparently thinks that the remainder of the state expects Mecklenburg to to lead them. IS he new to North Carolina by any chance?

  • Dec

    I snorted coffee on the monitor myself reading that! He never heard of the “Great State of Mecklenberg”?

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