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Airport Advisory Committee meeting minutes?

One really strange little detail of the whole dispute over control of Charlotte Douglas International Airport that’s gone unnoticed: The Airport Advisory Committee’s meets monthly and minutes of those meetings are posted online. Or use to be posted online, as the most recent minutes that are currently available are from October. So why haven’t the minutes from more recent meetings been posted? Is Jerry Orr trying to hide something? Is it mere incompetence? And why hasn’t anyone in the press, beginning with the Charlotte Observer, notice that the minutes are no longer being posted, since understanding what the Airport Advisory Committee does or doesn’t do would seem to be critical to understanding the current debate?

One Response to “Airport Advisory Committee meeting minutes?”

  • Apr

    Considering that the City Council’s meeting minutes are still six months behind as well, are you surprised? No one in the local media has made any real effort to hold the City accountable for that either. As I recall, the city clerk was given extra help many months ago to bring the minutes up to date but no progress seems to have been made and no media outlets have followed up. The AAC is acting like every other aspect of our local government and doing as it damn well pleases and blatantly ignoring its obligation to operate in full view of the public. Sadder still is that very few citizens seem to notice or care.

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