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The return of CMS Propaganda TV

Coming to a cable system near you. As the UPoR reports, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools is relaunching CMS TV. Programs include “CMS Insight”, featuring “Supt. Heath Morrison and guests, discussing the district’s eight new strategic goals” and “CMS Magazine” about those that “go the extra mile to build a culture of excellence at CMS.”

And a quote:

“The relaunch of CMS TV is part of our ongoing commitment to better engage our employees and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg community in the conversation about CMS and its future,” Morrison said.

Conversation? Morrison sure defines the word in an odd, almost Orwellian manner. How is it a conversation when only one side is doing the talking?

One Response to “The return of CMS Propaganda TV”

  • Feb

    They probably got the idea from Preservation NC, Golden (Urinal) leaf or Jim Black.

    Nothing says: “We aren’t molesting you” like self-congradulatory media. Seems if BS didn’t talk – there wouldn’t be much good talking about ilk.

    Perhaps CMS was self-referencing that there are “Not enough cartoon characters” and couldn’t afford to hire real people.

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