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Meanwhile down in Georgia

Public funding for a new stadium for the Atlanta Falcons may not be a given. As the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports:

Amid stiff public resistance to partial public funding of a new Atlanta Falcons stadium, top state leaders say the team needs a better game plan if it expects to win crucial legislative support this winter.

“It’s hard to get lawmakers to vote for something that’s polling 70-to-30 no,” Gov. Nathan Deal told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “They need to directly communicate with the public. Either way the public attitude has to be significantly changed from where it is now.”

Which is encouraging indeed for those that want to end handouts to the millionaires and billionaires in big-time pro sports.

H/t: JAT

2 Responses to “Meanwhile down in Georgia”

  • Jan

    “Either way the public attitude has to be significantly changed”

    No, asshat, YOUR attitude has to be significantly changed.

  • Jan

    GA is reeling from tax hikes (up 40% in some places.) So they’re not cool with anything sounding “Revenu-ie”, it’s not just stadiums (ask how their new Nuc plants are going… oh my)

    Say what you will about NC, but they gave a tax cut to business people last year, so that makes them okay by me. Seems not too long ago, economic development hinged on checks not bouncing to the governor’s children.

    Days of the more familial might be supplanted by days of acting more professional.

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