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What‘s Cam Newton and a 7-9 record worth?

For the Panthers, in terms of getting national television exposure? Given that RGIII is the hot young quarterback of the moment, that Charlotte is among the NFL’s smaller TV markets and the Panthers lack of recent success, it’s hard to see the Panthers being on national TV more than maybe twice, say a Monday night ESPN game and a Thursday night NFL game. Which is what the Panthers had this past season. Would love to see more national exposure for the Panthers, and by extension Charlotte, but it’s just hard to imagine it happening. Would love to be proved wrong though.

One Response to “What‘s Cam Newton and a 7-9 record worth?”

  • Jan

    The above should read “Given that RGIII WAS the hot young quarterback of the moment”. Total reconstructive surgery on his knee later today puts him in recovery for 6-8 months. It is going to take some magic to get him back to where he was. I don’t think the Skins can afford for RGIII to continue to play as he did this year.

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