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2012 SCASDs grants are out

As we previously mentioned, the Small Community Air Service Development Program is a means for smaller communities to get federal grant money to increase air service. This year, two cities mentioned Charlotte in SCASD grant applications: Lafayette, LA (LFT) and Burlington, VT (BTV). Lafayette’s proposal was silly and did not get funded. Burlington’s proposal was well thought out and they got the $450,000 they requested to help get Delta Air Lines and/or US Airways to start service to a southeast hub. Burlington is the second largest market within 1,200 miles lacking nonstops from Charlotte, and this is the next best opportunity for such flights to begin.

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  • Aug

    Burlington is a very nice college town on Lake Champlain. Car rental tax at BTV is outrageous however. Forget if we went up via DCA or LGA. Would definitely go back if a CLT-BTV comes to pass. I’d just try to find a car rental off the airport grounds.

    PS: Why does an airport need a mid-six-figure subsidy to attract flights? And where does the $$ go?

  • Aug

    SCASD grants can go to a variety of purposes. In this case, to quote the cover letter of the application:

    “With the downturn of the U.S. economy and the merger of airlines, BTV has witnessed a decrease in direct destinations and available seats. With the help of the DOT’s SCASD grant program, BTV hopes to reverse this trend by offering a short term revenue guarantee and marketing support for proposed service to either Atlanta on Delta Airlines (sic) or Charlotte on US Airways, both of which have shown considerable interest in serving the proposed routes. By doing so, BTV hopes to alleviate pressure and risks on airlines associated with the establishment of new air routes and reduce some of the dependence on the congested Northeast corridor airports.”

    While SCADS certain is pork and I find it objectionable on philosophical grounds as well, BTV’s proposal is easily among the best applications submitted this year.

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