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Case in Point: Drunk Driving Illegal Immigrant Sex Offender Could be Turned Loose by Obama in the Future

This weekend, a 14-year-old victim who was sexually abused by an illegal immigrant gave birth in an apartment bathroom.

The man, Juan Martinez Hernandez, first become known to Mecklenburg County’s legal system in 2010, when he was charged with drunk driving. Because Charlotte’s jail has the 287g program, which the Obama administration is currently attempting to destroy, he was identified, turned over to ICE for deportation and deported. But if Obama gets his way, that program will be shut down and replaced with one that only identifies criminals law enforcement has come in contact with in the past. Because of this, the new program only IDs half the aliens the current one does, making deportation impossible for those it can’t get an ID on.

The solution to this is simple. We need to pass the Scott Gardner act, which Rep. Sue Myrick sponsored and has tried to get passed for six years.

Yesterday I explained how the Scott Gardner Act, which would mandate the identity screening and deportation of any illegal alien caught driving drunk, should be common sense for Congress to pass. But liberal Washington congress people have stood in the courtroom door and are standing there again, blocking the deportation of illegal immigrant drunk drivers.

In Scott Gardner’s case, the Gaston County teacher paid with his life after an illegal with a long drunk driving record here crashed into his family’s car. His wife is in a permanent vegetative state seven years after the accident and his kids are being raised by her parents.

None of this managed to sway Capitol Hill Democrats that they should pass the Scott Gardner Act, mandating that the feds deport all illegal immigrants who drive drunk.

Because we live in a 287g jurisdiction, Hernandez was deported after his 2010 drunk driving arrest. Without the Scott Gardner Act, he wouldn’t have been. Yes, he returned anyway, but with border enforcement that could be stopped. Right now, the Scott Gardner Act is the only thing that could stop Obama from ensuring more illegals like Hernandez are turned into the street half the time because law enforcement is denied access to the databases and tactics to identify them. Let’s hope it passes.


2 Responses to “Case in Point: Drunk Driving Illegal Immigrant Sex Offender Could be Turned Loose by Obama in the Future”

  • Mar

    Obama has absolutely no respect for the Constitution and makes up his own laws that are politically expedient to his re-election. Remember, if re-elected, he gets to replace Kennedy (swing vote) on the Supreme Court. If that happens, you can just shred the remainder of the Constitution.

  • Mar

    Once Obamacare kicks in the good Liberals in Washington will be more concerned about turning off Mrs. Gardner’s Life Support than in deporting Mexican Citizen Killers like Senor Hernandez.

    Let’s stop calling them illgal aliens and call them what they are: Foreign Nationals.

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