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Char-Meck Police Officers Training for Riots at the DNC

It’s a start.

But only a start. The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department has lost control of uptown three times since 2005 and in all three incidents, the culprits have mostly been teenagers. In 2005, a violent, unruly mob raged through uptown after the fireworks.

The next year, a massive brawl broke out after the New Year’s Even celebration, with 40 arrests. Police made changes to those events and others uptown because of the violence, and confidently proclaimed they’d solved the problem only to lose control of uptown again on Memorial Day this year, this time to a ;likely gang related crowd of “as many as 30,000 people,” the Charlotte Observer reported. One person was murdered execution style in that one before police got it under control. Another was shot.

Now nearly all of the department’s 1,700 officers are getting training in how to deal with riots ahead of the 2012 Democrat National Convention, WSOC-TV reports. At the helm? CMPD Captain Harold Medlock, who assures us that

“… that this is not all new to Charlotte. Several hundred officers have already been trained in riot control and have been called in to handle trouble in uptown twice in the last five years.”

Yah, and no offense guys, but that didn’t go so well.

As I documented here, these are hard core radicals who have already begun planning for their DNC protests a year out. They are well studied in crowd manipulation and the strategic use of violence to call attention to their cause, which, no matter what they say, is the reelection of President Obama.

The hardcore radicals have already begun to test the police in New York and learn how to manipulate them, just as they did with trial protests in New York a year ahead of the 1968 Chicago riots that occurred at that year’s Democrat National Convention.

Hopefully Captain Medlock is just warming the department’s officers up for additional training by someone who …. ah …  really knows what they are doing.

Bonus Observation: All it will take is a second recession, starting, starting with an unemployment rate of 9 percent, and Obama faltering in the polls to get this.

2 Responses to “Char-Meck Police Officers Training for Riots at the DNC”

  • Oct

    Tara, I agree with you. Unfortunately, Char-Meck officials usually bury their heads in the sand or even worse condone the bad behavior because it helps their political futures or the power of their political party. But, I am sure those of us who are concerned about potential violence at the OWS protests or at the upcoming DNC convention will be called “Chicken Little” and alarmists. My spouse works Uptown and my kid attends classes Uptown but they are not going to be going to Uptown when the jackass circus is going on next year. However, if things ramp up before this bacchanalia of buffoons starts or if it continues after the hullabaloo is over and if one of my family members is harmed by these goons I will sue this city. I will also sue the leaders of the organizations sponsoring and/or funding these groups such as Mr. Trumka, Mr. Hoffa, Mr. Jones, Mr. Soros and any other of Mr. Soros’s (and the DNC’s) surrogates behind these groups.

  • Oct

    Great stuff Tara!

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