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A note to the former management

Here at the Meck Deck. Truth be told, Jeff and I do have fundamental differences. He is, as you’ve probably noticed, into metal while I’m an indie rocker. This is as about as metal as I go and I think it’s an appropriate way to wish Jeff well in all his new endeavors.

Bonus observation
: I’m guessing Jeff’s post announcing the Meck Deck Mk II was the first time that Tara has ever been likened to David Coverdale.

2 Responses to “A note to the former management”

  • Jul

    And Glenn Hughes too! That’s only — what? — like 70 combined years doing what they love at a very high level. Seems an apt comparison to me.

  • Jul

    Without a doubt, male readers will miss Jeff’s coverage (ha ha) of the Lingerie Football League, not to mention the occasional photo of Matthews native Brooklyn Decker.

    Here is a (s)trip down memory lane:

    In all seriousness, it was a pleasure working with you, Jeff.

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