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Jim Black’s Replacement?

While the thought of kicking Coach Joe White up to Raleigh from the CMS Board has justly garnered most of the attention — oh, how Peter Gorman must ache to get rid of Joe White — there’s another interesting wrinkle at play.

Tricia Cotham

Just days after hearing Uptown Democratic Forum chair Pat Cotham apologize for Jim Black we find out her daughter, Tricia, would like to replace Jim Black. Tricia is currently an assistant principal at East Meck. In 2002 she was named CMS’ Most Oustanding First Year Teacher while at Northeast Middle.

Back then dad John Cotham was Mecklenburg County Democratic chairman. You may remember him from the aftermath of the Andrew Reyes scandal. Reyes, the gay former Mecklenburg County Democratic chairman who embezzled $3.6 million from a client and routed about $300,000 of that money to Democratic causes, went to prison for his activities.

As much $89,000 of Reyes’ stolen money went to the local Democratic Party and candidates. Cotham, while saying the party would “do the right thing,” compared the Reyes scandal to Enron and refused to commit to returning the ill-gotten loot or urging Democrat candidates to return it. Cotham stepped down from the chairmanship in February 2003 without ever having returned what the Uptown paper of record termed “tainted cash.”

Over the years Pat and John Cotham have been major Democratic donors themselves. Federal records show John Cotham, now president of York County Kubota, kicked off his political giving with $1,000 to John Edwards in 1998. His most recent donation is $1,000 to South Carolina congressman John Spratt last year.

Pat has also given to Spratt recently, has well as the state party and Hillary Clinton, FEC records show. In November 2005 she gave $1,000 to Jim Black’s campaign fund, the same amount given in September 2004 and August 2003 state records show.

Oh, and two recipient’s of Andrew Reyes’ dirty money just happen to want to replace Jim Black too. One would be former Meckelnburg County Commission Lloyd Scher, who got $1,500 from Reyes in 1998. The other? Coach Joe White, back when he ran for Charlotte city council.

Call it the gift that keeps on giving.

5 Responses to “Jim Black’s Replacement?”

  • Feb

    How is an Asst Principal supposed to work in Raleigh as a state representative? That requires basically that she miss work 3 or 4 days per week from January until whenever the long session ends. It could run till September.

    Schools only have two asst principals. Does she really expect to make that work? I doubt it. Other public employees typically take a leave of absense, but for most there is the possibiity of a replacement (teacher, etc) with no real impact. An asst principal is in an entirely different position. There is no way to do that job part time.

  • Mar

    […] Reporter Jim Morrill does not mention that East Meck assistant principal Tricia Cotham is the daughter of long-time Democratic Party activists and fund-raisers. Her father, John, served as county party chairman for a stretch in the early 90s and mother Pat currently runs the Uptown Forum. […]

  • Mar

    […] Regular Meck Deck readers will not be surprised by this development. […]

  • Mar

    The Democrats have had many years in power to perfect their well-oiled election process. Watch closely, and we will see Pat McCrory, a wolf in sheep’s clothing, get re-elected by the illegal aliens that are so valued and protected!

  • Jun

    […] Even going back to her days as a student teacher, Tricia Cotham was known to other CMS staffers as a “golden child” as a result of being the daughter of the former chairman of the county Democrat Party and a top Democrat fundraiser. That is why Cotham’s former co-workers were able to spot right away that she had the inside track to replace Jim Black in the General Assembly. And that is exactly what happened. […]

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