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Repeat Fight Club At Vance HS?

I continue to stand in awe of CMS’ ability to deflect media interest in the acts of violence which take place in the system’s schools. Latest example — a TASERing at Vance this AM.

Predictably, CMS has released no student names in connection with the incident. And that is where local reporters are evidently content to leave it.

Now actual police beat reporters — if we have any — would pull the incident reports to get the names of those arrested and report that information. That way you would not have to write things like, “It’s unclear if police made any arrests.” As it stands, it is left to the likes of half-ass me to take to the county jail website to try to deduce what the hell is going on in our public schools.

From there I find that Daunte Montrell Connor, 17, was arrested by CMPD at 7:25am on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and damage to property. And at 7:10am, Daquan Davidson, 19, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Hmm. Is this our Vance incident?

The county site also indicates that Davidson was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery offense back on Monday January 31st, at 7am — a date that saw seven (7) assault-related arrests at Vance. More hmm.

Here’s the fascinating part. Who did News14 somehow manage to quote in early February about the big increase in violent incidents at Vance this year? Why Daquan Davidson of course:

“Instead of always trying to discipline someone they need to more so talk, talk to us on our level,” Vance Senior Daquan Davidson said.

I see. Kinda on the level of local news gathering one supposes.

Update: The UPoR comes through to confirm the two above arrests today were indeed Vance related and adds a third — Donavan Meeks, 17, who was evidently the guy who required the TASER.

2 Responses to “Repeat Fight Club At Vance HS?”

  • Apr

    You should have checked my site… I found out the names of the culprits but they never mentioned the ‘taser’ incident during my call… typical half-truth statements. Nothing new when it comes to CMS, CMPD, etc. etc. Great post, investigating and as always, keep up the GREAT work!!!

  • Apr

    Here’s what I really DON’T want to know On — were all the charges from Jan. 31st dropped?

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