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LaHood: We’ll Punish GOP Guvs

Leave it to Official Charlotte to completely miss the big story in Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood saying that the Obama administration intends to stiff newly elected Republican governors who doubt high-speed (sic) train hokum.

“There are a couple of governors-elect that have said they don’t know if they can afford to be in the high-speed rail business, and the reason I mention that is we are going to be reallocating money from Ohio and Wisconsin,” LaHood told the Uptown crowd, WFAE reports.

Of course our mentally deficient “leaders” took this as good news for North Carolina’s rail fantasy rather than wondering why those states are saying thanks but no thanks. No thanks when it comes to a black hole which does nothing to improve actual transportation in their states, states that just happen to have roads and bridges falling apart.

No, it is not like the city of Charlotte is on the hook for for a $37m. 1.5 mile streetcar line (sic) spending over $22m. in General Fund revenue all because the feds said they’d throw some money toward the bad idea too.

LaHood came to Uptown to say the federal government will punish critical thinking and reward short-term sheep — and the Uptown crowd stood and cheered.

Bless their hearts.

One Response to “LaHood: We’ll Punish GOP Guvs”

  • Nov

    And now it may be decades before anything but the 1.5 mile streetcar line gets built. But we just couldn’t let any other city get that money, could we, Sue?

    The streetcar that Observer readers….AND Charlotte Post readers….were against two to one.

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