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RNC meets in Charlotte

RNC as in Republican National Committee. Bryon York of the Washington Examiner offers up an explanation of what’s going on. A sample:

The bottom line is that RNC members know something is terribly wrong. Some point out that chairman Reince Priebus — who is expected to be re-elected in an uncontested ballot Friday — cannot come before the committee and say, “We were out-spent” or “We couldn’t match the resources of the other side.” The party’s problem is more fundamental than that — simply put, Republicans have either a basic identity problem or an equally basic competence problem — and demands more fundamental answers.

I’d argue for a combination of both factors, but weighted more towards the former than the latter.

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Disease of the moment

Norovirus. As the Raleigh News & Observer reports:

Noroviruses are more contagious than most viruses. People shed millions of the virus particles in their stool and vomit, Moore said, but it only takes between 10 and 100 particles to infect someone.

“It’s such a common infection because it’s very hardy. It can live on surfaces in the environment if it gets onto them, and the usual types of disinfectants aren’t effective against it,” Moore said. “If there are areas that have been contaminated, you have to use a dilute bleach solution to kill the norovirus.”

And there’s a new strain of norovirus out this year, so most people don’t have immunity. Oh, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers aren’t effective against it.

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