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The great gerrymander of 2012

Well, great if you’re a Republican, if you’re a Democrat or a believer in good government, you’re not liking it so much. As Carolina Journal’s Mitch Kokai reports:

The new maps made the clearest impact in the House, where election-night returns show the GOP winning 77 of 120 seats, or 64 percent of total House representation. That’s a gain of nine seats from the 2010 election.

House Republicans won those 77 seats with just short of 2 million of the 3.9 million votes cast statewide in House races, 51.1 percent of the total vote. Democrats captured 48.2 percent of the statewide popular House vote this year, while Libertarians and unaffiliated or write-in candidates won the rest.

In 2010, Republicans won control of the House for the first time since 1998 by capturing 68 seats. In contrast to Tuesday’s election, the GOP’s statewide popular vote percentage in 2010 — 58.7 percent — topped the percentage of seats won in the House chamber, 57 percent.

Bonus observation:
It’s important that Republicans remember that don’t have a mandate, they have a Gerrymander. Which is to say, that if they overplay their hand — which is easy to do — they risk losing a lot of districts that they hold by small structural margins.

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