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Shea Roseboro. Again.

Jeebus! I go a continent away while Shea Roseboro gets popped for another felony charge — cocaine possession — and makes bail.

Guess what? I don’t care anymore. Not because I’m moving, but because as near as I can tell only about 500 people in Mecklenburg County care that their criminal justice system is broken. Pointing this stuff out is useless without shunning and shaming the judges and magistrates responsible for it.

Who is responsible you ask? All of them.

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The Chamber vs. Charlotte

Why anyone takes the local Rent Seekers Guild seriously at this late date — let alone pays dues to it — mystifies me. But if this $200K propaganda campaign does not make your skin crawl — well, you are beyond the reach of reason.

See, the poor Gates Foundation has been snookered into thinking that it is just a question of “resources” for CMS. If the insular, greedy suburbanites could just be educated to understand that just a few more dollars would solve ALL CMS’ woes — yadda, yadda, yadda as a noted Charlotte educator once said.

So of course an insulting, misleading little vid is the answer. Hell, these people do not even expect you to know that the Gates small school gambit at Garinger was an abject failure, rife with academic fraud, costing hundreds of thousands in the bargain. Likewise, you are not supposed to suspect that the Morgan Gang is mortified that CMS will be left scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to super candidates given all the austerity talk coming from the General Assembly — overpaying for CEOs being CMS’ one true claim to fame nationally.

Best to astro-turf up some pro-Broad, pro-Gates horsecrap to try to mask local unrest.

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