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Meet Michael Conway

You might know him as the guy arrested for robbing two gas stations a mile apart — using a taxi cab as a gettaway car. But that is the least interesting thing about Conway’s criminal career.
According to state records, Conway’s first felony conviction came in November 2004, for car theft. He was sentenced to probation. Until it was revoked in January 2005 resulting in a prison sentence until June 2005. One month after his release, Conway was arrested and charged with robbery. He was convicted in April 2006 of felony robbery and was in prison until February 2007. Two months later Conway was again arrested and charged with robbery. In June 2007 he was convicted of his third felony and was in prison until September 2008 on that conviction. One month after his release Conway was again arrested and charged with robbery. In July 2009 Conway was convicted of a fourth felony, a single count of common law robbery.

Interestingly, this conviction on a single felony count started out as an arrest for six (6) felonies — five armed robberies and a habitual felon charge.

Conway remained in prison on the July 1st, 2009 conviction until April 2011. At the time of his conviction, Conway was also sentenced to 36 months probation and assigned to District 26 Unit J for supervision until July 2012.

Six weeks after his April release — on May 20th, 2011 — Conway was arrested and charged with two felony drug offenses, a misdemeanor drug charge, and resisting arrest. His initial secured bond was set at $10,800.

County jail records indicate that Conway remained behind bars on those charges until June 10th. His secured bond was reduced to $2500 by an unknown officer of the court. Conway was evidently able to make the reduced bond. Weeks later Conway is arrested for using a taxi cab to rob gas stations.

To sum up, a four-time convicted felon, on probation for a felony conviction, can be arrested in Mecklenburg County, charged with felony drug trafficking (drug use of any kind being a violation of probation) and resisting arrest, get booked into the county jail, not have their probation revoked, press for a reduction in their secured bond amount (probably via public defender), get a reduction in their bond amount, bond out of jail, hail a cab, and start robbing gas stations. Again.

This is policy. This is reality. This is Detroit-on-the-Catawba.


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