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Has Sue Myrick Ever Done This?

Rep. Allen West is a full-on Tea Party hero. Now he is asking for a federal investigation of his local housing authority, citing possible “nepotism, bid rigging, and procurement violations.”

Don’t recall Sue ever doing anything similar. She has certainly been silent as the feds have poured over the county’s DSS op — finding multiple felonies in the process. Nothing on CMS and free-lunch fraud, IIRC

West shows it can be done. What is Myrick afraid of? Besides the obvious, I mean.

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Shea Roseboro Update

Since we last checked in, Roseboro has been cycled through the Mecklenburg County Jail again (June 16th) and is about due for another arrest.

Not that anyone should care.

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Expect More Noise On Airport Noise

Three items of note in the ongoing dispute about airport noise in the June minutes of the Airport Advisory Committee. All three items can expected to generate some media attention in the coming weeks.

1). Expect the airport to fight back against west-side residents wanting money because of noise from the new runway. As Jerry Orr said:

We have received a lot of noise complaints recently and we will talk more in detail at our next meeting. We have measured that noise and what we have observed is the peak noise measurement out of the data didn’t come from an airplane. But we are going to go back and look through the data, which is an extensive process, and work on calling out the noises that are not aircraft noises. We will have a lot more data and will spend more time on this next month.

2). The airport will soon have federal approval for new noise maps. If you are within the 65 LDN contour, you could get your home insulated against noise at airport expense. The old maps dates to 1996. Jets have gotten quieter since then, which is to say far fewer people will be eligible for the free sound insulation program under the new maps.

3). So far the new runway has been used mainly for landings. When the center runway closes on August 15 for 70 days for reconstruction, the new runway will also be used more for takeoffs. Takeoffs generate more noise than landings.

Put this all together, and you can expect more noise about noise through the fall.

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Another Andrew Murray Non-Change

No death penalty for Chauncey Sterling. Cold blooded murder during the commission of premeditated robbery is not a capital offense. Not in Meckelnburg County.

Also got to wonder what role bumbling Rodney Monroe played in the decision not to seek the death penalty. It was, after all, Monroe who incoherently — but on the record — claimed that Sterling’s was a random act of violence. No way.

Sterling — who had bonded out on a previous charge contrary to the spin that he had a spotless record — was doubtless in a cash bind do to his legal troubles. This is a standard motivation for property crime in Mecklenburg — to pay off previous bonds/fines. I believe he went to South Charlotte in search of burglary oppotunities, but forgot that Friday, April 22nd was Good Friday. Hence homes were occupied and neighborhoods full. Robert Barber then walked by as the next best target of opportunity — older, white, alone.

I predict Sterling will be out of prison by the time he is 35. Robert Barber will still be dead.

Bonus Observation: Not to pick on a guy just finding his legs in a difficult field, but if WBT’s Vince Coakley spends a second on Casey Anthony and ignores this case — listeners should burn their radios and not look back.

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