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DNC Finalist St. Louis: They Steal Bricks

Just one final attempt to put into some context Charlotte “winning” the right to host the DNC 2012 cocktail party. One more time, CLT did not best London, Paris, and Madrid. Not even Chicago, San Fran, or Dallas. But. Minny. Cleveland. And its toughest rival, St. Louis. Where things are so bad they are stealing bricks.

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Tillis Staff: Not Moving to Campaign Duties?

Here’s Speaker Thom Tillis’ response to Staffgate.

At this point I want to hear that “leave the legislative organization entirely” does not mean slide to some campaign-related effort. Would that be a crime? No, it is beyond common for pols to slide staff to the campaign side when the campaigns are flush with cash and need the help, then slide them back in-house — sometimes just for a few months at outsized government salaries — for a bit.

Tillis is in good company doing such things — which is the point. Republicans had a chance to radically alter the culture of Raleigh and opted instead for politics as usual. It will come back to haunt them, I am convinced.

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Meck Deck Mk II

We hope you like our new direction. Stay tuned.

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Does 2nd GOP Remap Throw Dems in Briar Patch?

Looking at the new, new congressional districts, there seems to be too much focus on the fact that four Democratic incumbents get double-bunked. Interesting, to be sure, but I think the bigger story is just how much change that means for CD lines east of Charlotte. Bigger because 2012 will be a massive turnout year in North Carolina. So massive I think that the value of incumbency will shrink. Not disappear, but shrink.

In other words, it may look like Dems would be weakened by primaries, but I think so long as there is a competent name on the November ballot, they’ll be competitive in almost all the new districts. We already know that Pat McCrory will be running a narrowly-focused, coattail-less anti-Bev campaign. So no strategic or thematic help there for GOP candidates.

It truly will be the Anointed One vs. the unwashed Red State heathen. The Dems could do worse.

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Howie Manning: Guilty, Old White Man

Must be worried about getting into his Heaven. Can’t make sense of this mess otherwise.

If four years old triggers state educational support — as opposed to the decades-old standard of five — why not three, or two, or one? Six months? Three?

Manning is unilaterally imposing a Rawlsian original position standard on top of the Paine-infused notion of basic public education which supports a republic.

As a result, the republic will fall. But Howie Manning will feel good about himself — and his forefathers — in the process.

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Banktown is Doomed

First up, the AP documenting that BAC and other banks are utterly dependent on robo-signed docs to generate any kind of new lending activity. It is to Mecklenburg County’s eternal shame that Guilford County has been leading the charge against fraudulent loans. J. David Granberry, where are you?

Then, part of the 10 Signs That The Americans Have Begun Freaking Out About The State Of The Economy, we have Gallup results that show that confidence in banks is at an all-time low. That’s right — lower than late 2008, mid-crisis.

Charlotte is so out-of-touch with the rest of the country it might as well have an embassy in DC. The Uptown crowd really thinks the worst is past and the DNC cocktail party will vault CLT….uh, somewhere. Ask Brian Moynihan how things are really going. BAC hits $7.50 and he is toast.

Bonus Thought: Start looking around for a Euro mega-bank that would “partner” with BAC. You can bet that the Fed probably is doing so.

Update: Ta-da — Here’s your Euro partner — a London hedge fund. BAC has to spread out and try to find revenue/confuse investors while making itself even more insidious to market ops. Otherwise it just becomes a giant bank utility, providing mortgages to ratepayers.

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Shea Roseboro. Again.

Jeebus! I go a continent away while Shea Roseboro gets popped for another felony charge — cocaine possession — and makes bail.

Guess what? I don’t care anymore. Not because I’m moving, but because as near as I can tell only about 500 people in Mecklenburg County care that their criminal justice system is broken. Pointing this stuff out is useless without shunning and shaming the judges and magistrates responsible for it.

Who is responsible you ask? All of them.

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The Chamber vs. Charlotte

Why anyone takes the local Rent Seekers Guild seriously at this late date — let alone pays dues to it — mystifies me. But if this $200K propaganda campaign does not make your skin crawl — well, you are beyond the reach of reason.

See, the poor Gates Foundation has been snookered into thinking that it is just a question of “resources” for CMS. If the insular, greedy suburbanites could just be educated to understand that just a few more dollars would solve ALL CMS’ woes — yadda, yadda, yadda as a noted Charlotte educator once said.

So of course an insulting, misleading little vid is the answer. Hell, these people do not even expect you to know that the Gates small school gambit at Garinger was an abject failure, rife with academic fraud, costing hundreds of thousands in the bargain. Likewise, you are not supposed to suspect that the Morgan Gang is mortified that CMS will be left scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to super candidates given all the austerity talk coming from the General Assembly — overpaying for CEOs being CMS’ one true claim to fame nationally.

Best to astro-turf up some pro-Broad, pro-Gates horsecrap to try to mask local unrest.

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Just Wait Til the County Puts Liquor Store There

WSOC relates that the owner of the shuttered Sonny’s BBQ store smack up against the McCrory Line on South Blvd. blames the $550m. project for destroying their business:

Theresa Randall, the owner of Sonny’s Barbecue, said she believed city officials in 2007 that the light rail would bring in business, but her faith faded fast.

“We were actually projecting an increase, but we actually saw a 25 to 30 percent decrease in sales over the three years we were there from when it opened to when we left,” she said.

Randall said customers and employees’ cars were broken into and that their patrons were approached for money in the parking lot.

“When they were coming in and bathing in our sinks or destroying our bathroom and they weren’t our customers, it created a problem,” Randall said.

As Meck Deck readers know, the Mecklenburg County liquor board plans to put an ABC Store at the site.

Liquor, bums, and public transit. Another key component of Detroit-on-the-Catawba in place.

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Lessons from Seattle

Hey, because I’m certain that no one who went on the Rent Seekers Guild excursion notices, Seattle transit is ready to cut back bus service — unless it gets a $20 per car hike in vehicle taxes.

You may return to your Uptown bubble now.

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