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UPoR Spins CMS Cynicism

You can always tells when something smells so bad that the Uptown crowd notices their own stink. Out rides the UPoR with rosewater prose to declare anyone troubled by the stench “skeptics” and “critics” “suspicious” of a “difficult process.”

Bullcrap. Pete Gorman took middle school kids hostage and released them when he got what he wanted — money just like every other kidnapper. Further, private groups who took CMS at its lying, deceitful word went very far down the path to finding ways to use the Union County booster-club model. In fact, a certain big-name (and big wallet) auto dealer was lined up to help transition middle-school sports from CMS to local non-profits with substantial, six-figure support. Outside activists all but begged CMS admin to get together to crunch numbers, to no avail.

But evidently spin proof even for the UPoR, no mention of the curious demographics of not finding money for softball, baseball, soccer, and golf — then mentioning the gender-bean counting of Title IX as a reason. Really? Not some other sort of bean-counting? In CMS?

One thing for sure, the middle-school sports caper was Gorman’s walk-off home run.

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