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Jobs: Will Char-Meck Ever Recover?

I really hate to write the same damn thing I’ve written for two years — especially don’t like to subject long-time readers to a rehash — but…

Charlotte is broken. The dipshits who went to Seattle this week to party with the Rent Seekers Guild do not have a clue how to fix it — in fact they don’t see much of problem. Mike “Hot Check” Marciano instead actually boasted about working for “system change” in Charlotte. Mayor Foxx is looking for “transformation” from the DNC next year. County workers got their raises, city workers got theirs, Tim Newman and Michael Smith get whatever the hell they want — taxpayers got the bill.

Meanwhile, let’s walk through the real world, the county job totals for the last four Mays:

  • 2008…..442,335
  • 2009…..414,628
  • 2010…..415,160
  • 2011…..414,241

Yes. We are back below 2009 employment levels. Let that sink in.

Further, May 2010 was the last time the county was above 415K total jobs. The pattern has been for employment to decrease into the summer and fall so the chances we climb above that number this year are not good.

At 415K jobs Mecklenburg is 28,000 jobs short of pre-recession levels. Median annual income for the region is around $36,000. Figure over a billion dollars in purchasing power is gone. And we are subsidizing baseball stadiums? Streetcars to nowhere? Taking on new debt?

It is complete madness.

Pay no attention to the 10.2 percent county unemployment rate — not unless you want to add back 5000 discouraged workers and jack the real jobless rate to more like 11.2 percent.

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