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D-Day 2011

Wow. Why so little respect?

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CLT in the Raw

Enjoy this souvenir from Uptown Charlotte 2011. And understand this is what they want you to see. They hope that you look at this and do not demand more, even more, candid footage.

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Subsidy for Smokey n’ Ned? Unpossible.

Here we go. Another city of Charlotte development subsidy for connected Uptown insiders.

Gee. I wonder. If they. Will. Get it.

With the economy flat lined and 10 percent unemployment in Mecklenburg for the foreseeable future, Ol’ Smokey cannot afford any more spec-built office space. Solution: Run to the city for some help. Millions.

Better still, where do you think the bodies will come from to fill the floors Smokey wants to build? Duke Energy is giving away office space to the DNC. Uptown is flush with office space and Ballantyne is only full to the extent it has cannibalized tenants from elsewhere in the city. How many of the 100,000 jobs Uptown is supposed to have will the city pay to move to Ballantyne? (Here is where we also mention that Carroll Gray and Thom Tillis are working overtime to spend to spend state, federal, and if need be Martian dollars to hyperdevelop the northern tier, which would only bleed more commerce from Uptown. Yay!)

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