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Jerry Orr, Still At Large, Paving Runways

Via WFAE comes this quite stunning bit of work: the city-owned airport is red-balling a runway repaving job at US Airways’ request, to the tune of $3m.

Details here.

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If US Jobless Rate is 9.1%, Then CLT’s…

…must be at least as high. Could even hold steady at 10 percent unemployment for May. What is clear is if only 54K jobs were created nationwide last month, Mecklenburg County and Charlotte could only see a fraction of those. Considering that the so-called experts were looking for more like 165K new jobs in that report the markets are holding up pretty well.

I mean, the fact that there is not and has never been any kind of real, non-subsidized economic recovery since the contraction triggered by the 2008 meltdown should be a lot more scary than we’ve seen thus far. Or maybe that many people are that stupid.

Bonus Doh: That the county is pressing ahead with a massive property tax hike in this environment is akin to mashing the gas pedal in an ice storm. It will not end well, could cause permanent damage. Even death.

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