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NEW at 11! Uptown Crowd Says Uptown Crowd Needs Tax Hike

Good heavens. Given these associations, why would anyone take the Get Real Fake stuff remotely seriously? It just more astroturf agit-prop brought to you by Russ Communications, with a client list that is a quick cheat sheet for the Uptown status quo:

Arts & Science Council

Bank of America

Central Carolinas Choices

Centralina Council of Governments

Council for Children’s Rights

Crosland Enterprises

Crossroads Charlotte

Duke Energy

Richard Florida Creative Group

Foundation For The Carolinas

John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

Lynnwood Foundation & Lee Institute

National Sierra Club

UNC Charlotte

Urban Ministry Center

The entire operation was designed to create the illusion of support of a county property tax hike. And what do you know, here we are in budget-writing season being told that we must “protect” the vulnerable and look at consolidation of city-county services toward that end (although there are no real efficiencies to be had, just more obfuscation of local government spending.) Which leaves us with “consolidation” as code for making town residents pay for city of Charlotte services.


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Smaller State Budget Means More Jobs

Common sense of course. But not to defenders of the status quo, who insist if you cut North Carolina’s taxes and shrink the state budget you are somehow empoverishing the state — and wiping out jobs.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

In fact, money that would otherwise flow to Rawlee to be spent by the kleptocrats would stay in private hands, resulting in 9000 more jobs by 2013.

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CRVA Scandal Explained

This is not a tough one: the Charlotte Regional Visitor’s Authority functions as the city of Charlotte’s tarted-up party girl. Of course the CRVA spreads scarce tix and good times worth thousands of dollars among the Uptown crowd — and those the Uptown crowd wishes to influence — that is the CRVA’s job.

The CRVA exists to hoist up the illusion of Charlotte as a party-party-party place the better to cover the Uptown crowd’s ass on spending about one billion public dollars on party-party-party funtime infrastructure during the past decade. And since 2008, the CRVA’s activities have expanded to try to fill the void left by the collapse of the Bank of Wachovia serial Ponzi scheme which helped to pump millions in hot checks into the local party-party-party,, 21st century vomitorium that is vapid Uptown crowd culture.

Any dissenters so far? Now for the uncomfortable part.

Like every recent fiscal scandal in local government — with the exception of the FBI’s investigation of the misuse of federal funds by a county DSS contractor which the county kept secret for as long as possible — ask yourself, where are the prosecutors? Where is the local DA? Where is the US Attorney? Here we have gifts worth thousands of dollars jumping back and forth between a publicly funded entity, public employees, and current and former elected officials (some of whom who are now appointed public officials) — and everyone looks the other way. As we have suggested before, this is not an accident.

It is easy to blame the Charlotte city council or the Mecklenburg County Commission, but let’s face it — they are mere figureheads on the local power structure. No, it is the local bar that is responsible for the Wild West nature of Charlotte civic life. There is simply no stomach for dragging all cozy little relationships — some stretching back decades — out into the harsh glare of public accountability to ask, What in the hell is going on here?

The local legal community has defined the status quo as normal. Anything which furthers the Uptown agenda is normal. Anything which opposes the Uptown agenda is abnormal — possibly illegal — and certainly must be silenced via threats and intimidation. Or distraction and misdirection.

Woo-who! Bud Light!

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