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Good Look at US Airways Bullet-Hole

This WSOC slideshow provides the best look yet at the bullet-hole. To me, that is more a side entry point than a top — especially if you take banking on approach into account.

But let’s see what the FBI has to say about the source of the round once they examine it.

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485 Gridlocked, But Dirt Roads in Gaston Get Paved

Welcome to wild, wunnerful world of NC DOT priorities — as set by various General Assembly slush funds. Don Carrington has the details — such as are available in banana republic that operates without the rule of law.

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Ruth Samuelson Still At Large, Sponsoring Dumb Crap

May we present HB 495, the full employment act for solar power lobbyists, equipment makers, and out-of-state utility companies. Cost to be absorbed by North Carolina rate-payers. Details here.

See? Classic Ruth Samuelson.

Update: More here.

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Your Quarterly Inflation Nightmare Warning

Not entirely certain I buy what Peter Schiff is selling — primarily because the velocity of money — the domestic demand for dollars — remains so low due to high unemployment. Now, suppose employment does notch up in the next few months, all those dollars that were in “hiding” flood the market — yeah, bang — big inflation number coupled with still high joblessness.

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Panther Draft Pick: “I’ve destroyed my life”

Remember DE Stanley McClover? Maybe not — 7th round draft pick back in 2006, stuck around a couple years, before rolling out of the league via the Texans in 2009.

Now McClover is telling HBO that he was part of a pay-for-play operation while he was at Auburn.

This should be interesting.

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Plane Fired On While Landing at CLT Airport?

That is what the CBS outpost in Philly is suggesting:

Investigators say they now know what caused a small hole in a US Airways plane that travelled from Philadelphia to Charlotte Monday.

Sources say a stray bullet struck the rear of the Boeing 737-400 as it was landing in Charlotte.

A pilot making a pre-flight inspection during a lay-over discovered the hole towards the rear of the aircraft.

But then this:

Sources say the plane was not the target of terrorism, and investigators have reviewed security footage.

Bullshiat. How in the hell can you deduce intent from a bullet hole? A bullet hole in a passenger jet no less?

And did Charlotte city council spend three hours on the security situation out at the city-owned airport last night? Hell no. There is no margin in that. Instead — frickin’ taxi cabs! I would normally say wait until someone dies — but, oops, that already happened. What until we get evidence of bribery for access….no…. Wait until repeated indications of criminal incursions near the runway…no, got that…. I know, wait to we get evidence of purposeful cover-up of security lapses… no…

Screw these people. The available evidence suggests the mayor, members of the city council, the city manager, the city attorney, the chief of police, the airport director and numerous sub-staff have absolutely no regard for human life.

Update: Tinfoil time, folks. From WCNC:

Sources confirm that the hole found in the fuselage of a US Airways plane Monday was caused by a bullet.

The source told NewsChannel 36 Tuesday that the bullet was likely from a .40 caliber rifle.

Crews inspecting the plane found the bullet intact.

Because of the location of the hole, investigators believe that someone shot a rifle in the air and the bullet struck the plane as it headed back down toward the ground.

According to a representative from US Airways, a pilot found the small hole in the fuselage of a Boeing 737 during a pre-flight inspection in Charlotte Monday afternoon.

So relax Mr. and Mr. Flying Public. This was just a one in a billion case of someone randomly firing a high-powered rifle into the sky, that bullet traveling some thousands of feet up and then back down again to collide with a passenger jet traveling at hundreds of miles an hour. Could happen at any time. Headphones?

But let’s roll with this stuff. First, where exactly was this .40 cal bullet hole found? Just a basic fact that must be supplied by the authorities. From there, they are claiming one hole only — an entry hole on the — one presumes — the top half of the aircraft.

Next, a .40 cal round is a very odd one to find and declare it to be a rifle round. It could either be a pistol round adapted to paramiltary carbine use or a big bore round intended for big game hunting. In either case — very weird.

Too weird not to get me thinking.

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Repeat Fight Club At Vance HS?

I continue to stand in awe of CMS’ ability to deflect media interest in the acts of violence which take place in the system’s schools. Latest example — a TASERing at Vance this AM.

Predictably, CMS has released no student names in connection with the incident. And that is where local reporters are evidently content to leave it.

Now actual police beat reporters — if we have any — would pull the incident reports to get the names of those arrested and report that information. That way you would not have to write things like, “It’s unclear if police made any arrests.” As it stands, it is left to the likes of half-ass me to take to the county jail website to try to deduce what the hell is going on in our public schools.

From there I find that Daunte Montrell Connor, 17, was arrested by CMPD at 7:25am on misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and damage to property. And at 7:10am, Daquan Davidson, 19, was arrested and charged with disorderly conduct. Hmm. Is this our Vance incident?

The county site also indicates that Davidson was charged with misdemeanor assault and battery offense back on Monday January 31st, at 7am — a date that saw seven (7) assault-related arrests at Vance. More hmm.

Here’s the fascinating part. Who did News14 somehow manage to quote in early February about the big increase in violent incidents at Vance this year? Why Daquan Davidson of course:

“Instead of always trying to discipline someone they need to more so talk, talk to us on our level,” Vance Senior Daquan Davidson said.

I see. Kinda on the level of local news gathering one supposes.

Update: The UPoR comes through to confirm the two above arrests today were indeed Vance related and adds a third — Donavan Meeks, 17, who was evidently the guy who required the TASER.

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What Uptown Bankers Are Reading

The March 2011 LPS Mortgage Monitor, which brings these happy words about the state of mortgages:

•Delinquency rates resumed their decline after an increase in January and foreclosure inventories remain stable, slightly below historic highs.

•Delinquencies continue to improve as new problem loan rates decline and cure rates increase.

•Foreclosure start declines and foreclosure suspensions are reducing the upward pressure on inventories caused by foreclosure sale moratoria.

•An enormous backlog of foreclosures still exists with overhang at every level:
–There are three times the number of loans deteriorating greater than 90+ days delinquent as compared to foreclosure starts.
–There are also three times the number foreclosure starts vs. foreclosure sales.
–Foreclosure inventory levels are over 30 times monthly foreclosure sale volume.

•2010 originations peaked in Q4 2010, with government loans still making up the vast majority. Prepayment rates (an indicator of refinance activity) have dropped sharply since, indicating that this is unlikely to continue into 2011.

Then there is this datum:

30% of loans in foreclosure have not made a payment for at least two years. 47% of those in foreclosure have not made a payment for at least 18 months.

In other words, the easy bad loans have been fixed and at least no more bad loans are being written — which of course is function of no loans being written. What remain are the foreclosure hardcases and refis cannot fix them.

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The Beginning of the End of CLT’s Livability

All in the name of socialism.

Make no mistake, one neighborhood in South Charlotte will be pitted against another neighborhood in South Charlotte as now the city of Charlotte must abide by its new “affordable housing” regs. Those rules adopted last night put a bulls-eye on the “stable” neighborhoods of South Charlotte. The politically weak and unorganized neighborhoods will wind up with the low-income housing next door.

As if local housing values are not under enough pressure as it is.

Update: More good housing news via Bloomberg:

Real-estate-tax collections, a main source of income for cities, slid $5.3 billion, or 2.9 percent, from a year earlier to $177.1 billion, the Census Bureau reported today. The drop exceeded a 2.5 percent decline in the first quarter of 2010, the data show.

We are so screwed.


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Paging Sue Myrick: Chinese Anchor Babies!

US citizenship is viewed as an “insurance policy.”

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