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Bradshaw on Clausen: Meh.

Former Stiller great Terry Bradshaw is not a big fan of Jimmy Clausen.

“I didn’t like him in college and I don’t like him now,” Bradshaw said to a crowd at EverGreen RV in Middlebury.

When asked about Clausen’s potential as a pro, Bradshaw gave his opinion.

“I don’t like his delivery. He’s slow. I don’t know how many big games he’s won (at Notre Dame). As far as I can count, not many.”

“A lot of guys can throw the ball and pile up stats, but are you a difference maker?”

Guess what — the Bayou Blowhard has a point. And I hates me some Terry Bradshaw. One of my happiest sports moments is when it looked for all the world like Turkey Joe Jones had liquified Bradshaw’s vertebrae with a pile-driving sack in 1976.

But like I said the day the Panthers traded up for drafted him, Clausen was too often on the losing end of impressive 4th quarter stats for me to declare him the next Joe Montana.

Would love to be wrong — and I’m still hoping someone maims Bradshaw.

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Things to Make Your Head Hurt

You fill in the blanks, if you dare:

  • Feds declare that by 2014 every person’s electronic health record must have a Body Mass Index number. Here’s mine, FU.
  • Still unknown government forces go on a DMCA rampage, killing 73,000 WordPress blogs in the process.
  • The US will spend more to fight in Afghanistan this year than in Iraq. Total war price-tag, $1 trillion.
  • EpiCentre, so nice they wrote it twice — changing the hed, adding a byline. Yet somehow the space is still “the $180 million EpiCentre.” Sez who?
  • More details on Sean Smith’s firing. Sounds like someone does not like sunshine down at the courthouse.
  • The NAACP is acting very foolishly. Either it backs up claims of Tea Party “racism,” retreats from them, or slides to the margin.
  • Why do I have to go to Canada to get details on the deadly car bomb on the Mexican border?

There, all better.

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