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Who Else Saw Kiss at the Old Old Coliseum?

I can’t be the only one.

It was 8th grade, on the Dynasty tour. Yes, they did I Was Made for Lovin’ You, the disco track that WROQ and all the rawk stations lowered themselves to play.

But understand that after Double Platinum and the solo albums, folks were somewhat stunned that the band was back — in any form. The album and the tour was a pop culture event Lady Gaga can only dream about. I mean, I bought my copy at frickin’ Sears at Eastland Mall.

Fast forward 30 years and the marketing machine that is Gene and Paul have put the Inter-tubes to work to select their opening acts. Jump in, have fun — you don’t even have to stare at an Alive II gate-fold, play a broom, or get made fun of by the big dope smokin’ kids down the street.


Demand Final Curse in Charlotte!
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Nuther Billion-Dollar NFL Stadium on Tap

Now do you understand why the 49ers did that capless deal with Pro Bowl LB Patrick Willis? It was great PR for the franchise, rewarded with voter approval of a $937m. stadium deal with $114m. in public dollars attached.

This should also tell why the Panthers have not cobbled together a similar offer for DeAngelo Williams — they don’t have to, especially with Jerry Richardson running the austerity wing of the owners’ club. The battle lines are now completely clear. With billion-dollar stadiums becoming the new normal in large markets, the small markets will insist that the players give up more of their share of the total revenue in order to bank money to build their own stadium upgrades.

Anyone thinking that “of course” the owners and players will come to an agreement short of a work stoppage or lock-out just is not paying attention.

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Sandlappers Mad as Hell


We’ve got Bob Inglis headed to a run-off, Nikki Haley blasting the field, prompting speculation that the state GOP will split, and JimDeMint set to face a black, unemployed Army vet who smacked the state Democratic leadership down with a stealth campaign.

As Mother Jones asked, Who is Alvin Greene? I don’t know, but I can tell you this — I’ve been to Manning, SC and there is no there there. What there is is poverty, mystery, and perhaps political skullduggery of epic proportions.

This is what makes watching South Carolina politics up close so much fun — just as long as your head hits the pillow just across the border.

Update: Told ya. This is only going to get stranger.

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