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Let’s Remember Dale Bozzio in Better Days

Back on Memorial Day 1983, Missing Persons came on in the middle of the US Festival’s “Rock Day” — having escaped the ghetto of “New Wave Day” two days before — playing to the SoCal throng right after U2 left the stage. They were a pretty big deal, thanks in no small part to Frank Zappa band alums Terry Bozzio on drums and Warren Cuccurullo on guitar. Oh, and Dale Bozzio on vocals, whom FZ had deployed to play “Mary” on his 1979 Joe’s Garage opus.

I don’t think that even Frank’s most twisted dystopian concept could come up with Dale’s latest role — that of a broke cat lady doing time for animal cruelty in New Hampshire. Wow.

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What if Wells, BofA Were Outlawed?

I used to think any big dismantle job of the mega banks was impossible — both for political and structural reasons. Now I’m not so sure of that. All we need is one more dip in the economy and pols willing to whip up “trust busting” fervor, and I think we might get there.

Funny thing is, I think there are some segments of these ops — Merrill wedged under BAC for one — who would love to be trust-busted back to independence.

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Ahem. Chief Rodney Monroe.

WFAE actually bothered to ask how that college degree was coming along. You tell me what you think about the response they got from CMPD. Clearly Charlotte city council does not care — not so long as RoMo spits out good-looking crime stats.

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Adventures in Screen Caps, Tryon St. Edition

The always entertaining Cedar Posts blog notes that when the UPoR posted the winning entry in the Charlotte Rent Seekers Guild skyline photo contest, someone left a giant mouse pointer attacking Uptown.

I am assuming this could not be fixed from the Philippines or Malaysia or points unknown where McClatchy off-loaded web administration. It couldn’t possibly be the work of someone down at the Tryon St. HQ, right?

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What If CMS Were in Charge of Heart Transplants?

Just something to consider as the H1N1 vaccination process unwinds and we stampede toward government-run health care. First thought, how were the schools chosen who are receiving their doses first?

First up, Tryon Hills Pre-K, Amay James Pre-K, Starmount Pre-K, J.H. Gunn Elementary, Hidden Valley Elementary, and Billingsville Elementary.

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