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CLT Flight Adds, Non-US Airways Division

US Airways isn’t the only airline that’s consolidating to its core strengths. Pretty much all of the “legacy” carriers (American, Delta/Northwest, United, Continental) have done so as well. And that makes any flight additions especially rare and thus notable.

And two additional flights from CLT have been announced recently, both beginning next spring:

• JetBlue put out a press release recently announcing a build-up in Boston, including a third daily Charlotte-Boston flight. RDU will also have three daily JetBlue flights to Beantown next year.

Now to cut through the spin, this is JetBlue we are talking about. If you were to infer that they would be offering those three flights year-round, you would almost certainly be wrong. The airline’s flight schedule has a fair amount of seasonality to it. An example of which would be that while they flew twice a day BOS-CLT over the summer, in November they’re down to only a single flight a day on the route. Their press release somehow omits that fact.

• American Airlines is adding a fifth daily flight between Charlotte and Chicago O’Hare beginning on April 6.

In addition, AA is putting slightly larger regional jets on their Miami and O’Hare flights from CLT. The airline had used mainly 44-seaters on these routes; the four-daily flights to both destinations are now or soon will be all 50-seaters. Might not seem like much, but it adds up to an extra half flight a day worth of capacity to Miami…

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On Veteran’s Day: Heroes. And Their Dogs.

If this series of dogs welcoming their masters home after they served our country does not catch you up a bit, you might be a complete bastard. Or a cat person.

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Meanwhile, in Columbus…

Another major professional sports team may seek public subsidies or relocate. The team playsin a medium-sized market. And the situation involves an NBA or NHL team. Imagine that.

Oh, and the Columbus Blue Jackets made the playoffs for the past time this past season. Guess winning more doesn’t fix everything.

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Burn in Hell, John Allen Muhammad

I was living in a DC suburb when the DC Sniper struck. Coming a few months after 9/11 — a woman I knew was on the plane which hit the Pentagon — and the anthrax attacks — office building a few blocks away was locked down — the shootings created a blanket of fear across the region. Add in positively incompetent police work by the Montgomery County (Maryland) police force in response, and you really felt pretty helpless.

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Let’s Sell Grades in Wayne County

This is pretty funny.

A Wayne County middle school decides to raise money by selling off test points for every donation. Adults thought this was a good idea.

The N&O wrote about it, other adults thought a little harder, nixed it.

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