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Rowan County Template for Meck?

Rowan County voters just passed a quarter-hike in the county’s sales tax. Voters were told the additional $2m. a year in tax revenue would go to an $18m. jail annex and various infrastructure improvements. This despite absolutely nothing in the enabling legislation which earmarks the funds beyond the county’s general fund. County officials could spend more money on Twizzlers and soda pop instead of a jail.

Still, the quarter-cent option might be an attractive path for Meck officials who are staring at the need for $200m. or so for a new jail. Tell voters that the $35m. a year or so that would come from the additional levy would go to pay for that along with, oh, roads and a streetcar — maybe it floats next November. But that would demand that both the city and the county kick the tax hike can down the road a bit next spring and wait for November. Don’t know that they can do that. Particularly the city.

Bonus Editor’s Note: Until such time as the Charlotte Chamber of Commerce voices some/any opposition to local spending/taxing increases, it will henceforth be known as the Charlotte Rent Seekers Guild to better and more accurately reflect its goals, values, and membership. Thank you.

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Carolina Connection to Freakish Missing Infant Case

From Florida of course.

Just a very weird case of baby missing for five days being found alive and well in a box underneath a baby-sitter’s bed. Charges have been filed, read the account for the trippy, scary details.

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If CMS Rewards Actual Teacher Performance…

instead of tenure and credentials, it will be a big step forward for the system.

Note the if.

That is really all there is to say at this point.

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Crime in Charlotte Needs Help

The local blog which kicked off close scrutiny of CMPD and the criminal justice system is asking for a little help:

I’m sure many of you have noticed the lack of updates (or limited updates) in the past several months. I was laid off from my job so I have been working two part-time jobs and I haven’t had the time to update like I used to- including mugshots, daily crime reports, etc..

I created the website as a public service to the citizens of Charlotte and would love to be able to provide the service as I once did, however, I need some financial help in order to do so.

Remember, CinC is the blog which knocked on the door of registered sex offender who local authorities could not find and has kept shining a light on the revolving door criminal justice (sic) system in Mecklenburg County.

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